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About Robin

About Robin and her Lifestyle Training

My name is Robin Myers and I have been passionate about dogs my entire life. After graduating high school, I immediately enlisted into the military to become a dog handler, but I found my true passion for training dogs back

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Are you and your dog suffering from:

  1. Fear-Related Aggression/reactivity
  2. Possessive Aggression (resource guarding)
  3. Redirected Aggression
  4. Impulse Control Reactivity
  5. Territorial/Protective Aggression
  6. Leash Reactivity/aggression
  7. Hyperactivity
  8. Destructive Behaviors
  9. Eating disorders
  10. Barking
  11. Jumping
  12. Pulling on Leash
  13. Baby Proofing (preventative care)
  14. Structured Socialization
  15. Containment Phobia
  16. Separation Anxiety
  17. Anxiety

Any behavior, any dog, any problem. We can help!


Robin is a solid dog trainer with years of experience and gift for understanding dogs. As a trainer myself, I highly recommend her.

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