Robin was incredible. After spending months trying to get our Frenchie to stop being reactive, we decided it was time to reach out to a professional and see if we could get some help. We had all the normal apprehension, but Robin put them to ease quickly. Within moments we saw our dog Leroy behaving completely differently around her. She has techniques for just about everything it seems, and they’re effective.

Robin will spend time with you and will likely be able to display the desired behavior you want coming from your dog. What’s more important though, is that she explains every step of the process with you so you aren’t lost once she walks out the door. I’ve read that some trainers will essentially gate keep their methodologies so you’re trapped into continually booking your dog, and having them only be effectively trained when the trainer is present. Robin was a completely open book in this regard, and she even encouraged us to reach out with questions as we run into them.

I recommend Robin to anyone. She’s literally a dog whisperer, and she’s a lot of fun to be around too!

Brandon Clark

Crazy what a change in my demeanor can do for my dogs attitude. Robin was super nice and comfortable immediately. Was able to handle my stranger reactive blue heeler puppy within 20 minutes and helped me identify behaviors and how to work with them to train my puppy in the way that works best for her behaviors. The photo attached is her absolutely tuckered out after our training session (rare!)

Katie Living

We brought our 3 year old dog to Robin after looking at tons of different training options. We live in a rural area and although there were some closer options, one phone call was all it took for us to decide that Robin would be the best for our pup! We drove 3.5 hours to go see her we were so impressed. Our training session went extremely well, she is very knowledgeable and took the time to figure out exactly what our dog needed for effective training. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs any kind of training for their dog.

Michael Palandri

I wish I could give you so many more stars than just 5! You really are amazing at what you do!! You put my anxiety at ease which in turn helped me learn how to work with Duke in the techniques you showed me! You’re always there when I need a little guidance on situations! I will say Duke still needs some work as he is a difficult case! He has honestly done so well and is still improving after just one session with Robin! She’s phenomenal and legit! I had been working with someone from the weekend dog play group and after months of not really getting anywhere as far as results I finally reached out and found Robin! I will forever be thankful that I did! I look forward to the next session with Robin! Thank you so so much!

Kayla Gregory

Robin is one of the best trainers I have ever come across! She is extremely friendly, and really knows how to make a dog feel comfortable while in training. I left my dog for 3 days to get training for impulses around cats. Within 3 days my dog went from lunging at a cat to being a foot away from a cat and turning the other way! I have never boarded my dog with a stranger in her 12 years and Millie was so comfortable with Robin! They formed quite the relationship in that three days! Robin constantly texted me updates and made sure I knew every step of Millie’s journey! It really made me feel at ease knowing my girl was in great hands. I am so grateful and would recommend Robin for any training needs! Your dog will thank you for it!

Nicola Sheldon (Raven)

I’ve used Pepedogs before (with very limited and unfortunately short term success), but I just got my 6-month-old Golden Retriever back from Robin’s Lifestyle Board & Train, and I can’t gush enough about how effective Robin’s methods have proven to be!! Within a short 10 day board and train, she has somehow managed to wrangle my crazy energetic puppy into a puppy with manners and a thorough understanding of verbal and physical cues to maintain good behavior. Even better, she has provided a significant amount of training videos for myself and my roommates to study, as truly the humans need more training than the dogs!! She’s very responsive to any questions I have and explains things very well, in ways a relatively new puppy owner can understand and replicate. I am so pleased with my puppy’s progress in walking without pulling on the leash, listening to commands, not jumping up on me or my roommates (which was our biggest issue prior to training) and just overall how much more settled and confident he has become. Robin has been a delight to work with and I highly, highly recommend her training. I look forward to sending my puppy back to her in the future for more specific training or even just utilizing her boarding services because my puppy absolutely adores her and he had a great time with her. 10/10 I highly recommend Robin, 5 Stars, 100%, she has worked a miracle on my baby boy.

Kelli W.

Robin was very knowledgeable and was able to be around my new people hating, neurotic German Shepard within minutes.

Amanda Boyarshinov

I have yet to get Robin to CO to train my pack but when I can get her out here I know she will do great things. I served with Robin in the USAF and I know her passion and work ethic make her great. If given the opportunity to work with Robin, I would do it immediately! Robin spends her time, money, and energy on dogs and dog behaviors, attending training all over the United States.

Felice Sotelo

I am so happy I found Robin, she is very good with any size dog. I’m going to say call her if u have a problem with yours, she will work with u and your dog. Thank u!

Kerry Cook

I am completely impressed with how you reach out to your clients. Whether you are close by or 1000’s of miles away you make it work. How professional you are and the passion and love you have for dogs. I would highly recommend you to anybody. Thank you so much. Ordered a dog kennel online today. I can’t wait to put your knowledge to work.

Stacy Coley

Robin is excellent with nervous, anxious, and aggressive dogs! She handled my mini Australian Shepard with ease even when he had super high energy during training sessions. She is quick to adjust her methods and really adapts to what the dog needs. I really appreciate her knowledge and efforts to continuously learn how to be a better dog trainer. She is highly skilled and clearly passionate about improving clients’ relationships with their dogs.

Kimbrell Hines

This lady was great with my dogs. She knows what she is doing. She was very patient with my 5-month-old GSD and also with me in teaching both of us. I was amazed by how she taught gentleness and a good relationship between my Yorkie and my German Shepherd puppy. I recommend Robin for all your dog’s training. Thanks, Robin. We are looking forward to your visit again. God bless your business!

Sara Raga

We love love, Robin. went to two trainers for my puppy who is sort of leash reactive and afraid of strangers and everyone else was a waste of my time and money until I met robin. I was afraid to take him out in public. We are working on it. He will be boarding with her as well when I get married in May! It is obvious robin understands each and every dog problem and loves them almost as much as their owners do! I couldn’t recommend her any more!!!!!! Alfred says thank you and see you soon!

Alexandra Marriggi

Robin is an amazing caregiver for all her dogs! I left my young puppy (Catahoula mix) with her on multiple occasions and not only was he happy with all the space to run, but when he wasn’t feeling well Robin was ready to take him to the vet for me! She manages the dogs very well (all socialization is under control and I haven’t heard of or seen any indications of aggressive behavior). I can’t recommend her enough! If you have a dog and need a place to board, Robin is your girl.

Amy Elliot

Robin is the best she does excellent work. She is great with animals. I would definitely recommend her services.

Melani Coleman

Extremely knowledgeable about dog behavior, she dealt with the dogs in her care like they are her own. It takes a special trainer to bring dogs into your home and pack! Highly recommended!

Adam Summerford