Train, Travel & Play

Duration varies from 1-3 days @ $500 – $1250
I travel to you up to 250 miles away. It will be an intense experience of Teaching, Training & Coaching. You will be learning a highly effective training system for you to apply & train your dog for the next 21 days. You will also have open-end support from me. This service is geared more towards people who need more help with Relationship Style Based Training. Behavior problems, basic & advanced obedience, Off-Leash Reliable E-collar, and much more!

Group Classes

Duration varies
Pro Puppy & Socialization, Purely Positive Conditioned Relaxation/Behavior Modification, Pro Obedience


Duration varies
This is offered with in-home Doggy Boarding or daycare. Pics & Videos added daily to Fb Page. 1 on 1 time with a Professional Dog Trainer.

Board & Train

Duration varies
These are custom-designed programs created during a phone evaluation. We train your dog the way you like. What, How & Why to videos are posted daily to my B & T (Board & Train) group through Facebook. Only clients have access to this. 1 private lesson is also included after B & T is complete. You can learn at your own leisure while you’re dog is in training.

Our programs are designed to continue to work for you after the B & T is over. Primarily due to continued support & how programs are designed for success. It’s real-world training transferring from in my home back to yours. We are not a facility that runs 8-5. We are 24/7 training from 7 am – 10 pm Everyday!!!

Professional Private Training

1 hour 30 minutes and up – starting at $175
The basics that are included in this program are Leash Work 101, Sit, Down Place (Many Ways to teach) Reliable recalls on and off-leash. We work on whatever you want for your Dog. Behavior Modification & problem solving on the spot. Most clients only need 1/2 lessons The very first lesson is an evaluation, me training your dog, and coaching you how to train your dog. It takes anywhere from 1-2 hours depending on the issues.

Evaluation (Over Phone)(In Person)

15 minutes • Free
Evals are over the phone. I acquire info to help me asses the dog’s state of mind. The rest is an easy, very stress-free process.

FaceTime/ Skype Lessons International Cl

30 minutes • $25
This is for people who live out of the state of FL. or are very busy and can’t make the drive. You tell me info about dog History and the environment. I ask specific questions, then I can show you how.