Professional Private Training Package

After your evaluation, you decided on a program that fits your lifestyle. if you have decided to pick this program, congratulations! We will work on whatever you like. Most people who pick this program are wanting to excel with their dog and build a respectful relationship. The basics that are included in this program are Leash Work 101, Sit, Down, Place, reliable recall on and off leash. All behavior problems are able to be rehabbed and fixed. We don’t just manage them we stop them altogether.
100% Guaranteed training when applied by the owner.

Board & Train

All Board and trains are customized to fit your lifestyle. After your eval. You have already told me what your goals are as well as what you expect out of your dog. Most people who pick this program, don’t have a lot of free time to train their dog. However, if you choose this program. 2 private lessons are included and mandatory. In order for Training to effectively carry over to the home. You must continue the process. Which takes a minimum of 20 min a day. Depending on dogs behavior issues, what your goals are & the dog will determine how long & cost of the B & T. I can give an estimate of how much it might be, however, until I meet the dog and owners and I am able to do my own Behavior assessment. We no Longer offer 3/4 week B & T. It does not take us that long to successfully train the dog and client.

1 week

Basics, 1-5 behavior issues, 2 Privates included

2 week

Basics, Off-Leash 5 or more Behavior Issues, 2 Privates included

Group Classes

We will be offering Group classes in 2019. Pro Puppy & Socialization, Purely Positive Conditioned Relaxation/Behavior Modification, & Pro Obedience will be offered @ Robins Lifestyle Dog training and Boarding Facility.

Pro Puppy

Is unlike any other Puppy class you have ever gone too. We teach how to predict & avoid typical puppy behaviors. You also learn how to read your dog’s body language, & other dogs body language. How to prevent any behavior problems from occurring. We also will go over the basics of starting your dog off on the right path. You can take what you learn and apply in real-world situations. With our protocols & knowledge. you can always have safe Dog Play. The dog classes will be small so it will be catered to what & your dog needs the most.

4 Classes @ Robin’s LifeStyle Dog Training & Boarding Facility

Purely Positive Conditioned Relaxation/Behavior Modification

I am certified as A Animal & Dog trainer through Syn Alia Training System. So any animal (goats, horses, cows, cats) with behavior problems benefit from this program. This is a positive approach to teach your dog different behaviors. We change the behavior of the dog by changing the way they feel about their environment. There are only a few people trained and certified on this specific training system. Sats include Bridge and Target, Name and Explain, Massage Therapy with/without Essential oils.

4 Classes (1 hr each)@ Robins LifeStyle Dog Training + Boarding Facility

Pro Obedience

In order to get focus and obedience with any dog. A certain amount of leash work is required. We teach the dog what we want by showing them with the leash first. This also helps build a lasting trusting relationship with your dog. We also focus on Thresholds, Impulse Control, Place, Sit, Down Recall on and Off leash. Congratulations If you have picked this option, you have time to dedicate to your dog & enjoy learning and working &prefer to do the training yourself.

4 Classes (1 hr each)@ Robins LifeStyle Dog Training + Boarding Facility

E-Collar Training

In home Private Training With E-collar Technologies Remote included.

If you choose this program after Eval + Consult, Congratulations You want to have goals + Standards with your dog. We use E-Collar Training with Positive Reinforcement to Gain ultimate Freedom off leash. E-collar is fused with Food and Reward Based Training to teach leash pressure + recall first, Then we go over the basics of how to use and reinforce this amazing tool. We will use for Behavior Modification or learning something new and exciting with your dog. This is the most advanced Training Tool In the Dog Training Industry. Evaluation must be done first before you can qualify for this training.

We train with you and your dog for the duration of the package that you will select. You will be required to continue all training on a daily basis during and after training is completed


We offer Socialization with Dog Boarding. Once you Have had an Evaluation or 1 Lesson, while Owner being Present. Dog Socialization is available. Most dogs that need Socialization, just need a bit of guidance from a Stable Pack. You cant find that at a dog park. So if you choose this option, Congratulations you are trying to do what’s right for your dog in a safer + more Structured learning environment.

Boarding + Socialization – 1 night